Day One

With over 120 people reported dead in today’s earthquake Alberto provided the following bullet points of information, all times are assumed to be Italian local time.

2 main cities destroyed : Amatrice and Accumuli –

3 teams from RNRE involved from this morning  –

HQ station IQ1HR working from 4 o’clock this morning on HF –

RNRE operating the satellite earth stations some of you may have seen at Friedrichshafen as support with VoIP phones –

Incident started from 3.36 this morning – The RNRE structure was activated from 4 o’clock via WhatsApp , SMS, mail and phone. 7060 is assumed to still be in use and strong aftershocks are still hitting the region. Thanks to all of you for your work today in informing your countries of the emergency operation. When I listened from my temporary QTH in IO70eb this afternoon I could not hear any QRM (or activity). Hopefully propagation will remain good to allow our Italian friends to keep their links and not suffer too much from the rest of the world.

Day Two

Alberto has provided the following points on the number of amateurs involved this morning.

– Deaths : Now reported as 250, significant aftershocks continue to hit the region.
– Radio amateurs involved  : 10 on field +10 outside field  with ;
– 3 mobile units with satellite stations and HF national net

Italian radio amateurs are likely to remain involved for some time. Although you can see from the TV reporters that there are good communications with the area , RNRE are kept available by their government to provide communications from the disaster are back to Rome if an aftershock causes more damage to communications systems.

Greg, G0DUB
IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator