Welcome to the SARL HAMNET portal This is a portal that provides the following capabilities:
  1. Register users with basic static information which they can change anytime they log in
  2. Users can list atoms (atoms are capabilities they have, equipment they are prepared to make available, or training they have done)
  3. Search for members based on contact information (LIKE searches on name, call, region, email, mobile as well as specifying mobility and transport limitations) and atoms by relevance.
How Atoms work Atoms are listed in a table along with a TYPE (char defining Capability, Equipment, Training, other categories can be added) and a LineNo which places it in order. Atoms are "on" or "off" so a member either has first aid training or he/she does not. When you do a search and select some atoms, those with NONE of the selected atoms will be left off the list. Others will get a RELEVANCE which is how many atoms on your list they have. If you limit the search further by specifying a region or needs own transport, then the list of those with some/all atoms will be further limited.

How to register? To join HAMNET please contact your regional director and ask for a membership form. If we feel we can benefit from your skills, your application will be approved and your account details will be sent to you.

Known issues
The search is a pain as it does not "save" so each time you need to reenter all the requirements.
The search results could include the actual tags with "X" where appropriate so you can see the relevance.
The search could return a link to the members record
There should be a way to export search results
There should be a way to send someone's medical record (perhaps export to pdf) in case of emergencies.
Currently adding atoms would be done by hand in the database. Perhaps an admin level user needs to be created for this function.
Atoms have no "rank" so there is no way to check for all examples. For example I have a mast > 10m you have tags for "Mast>9m" and "Mast>10m" I tick the 10m option. You search for >9m and you don't get me. Not sure if this is a problem.