Northern Cape exposure

On Saturday the 16th November the Kathu Village Mall in Kathu had an Emergency Service Day and Hamnet was invited. We set up with two vehicles later 3. There was a radio in the one vehicle but we also had a mast set up. Giepie van Zyl ZS3GP and myself Roy Walsh ZS3RW were there from 08:00 and later joined by Gerhard Coetzee ZS3TG. Carel Reyneke ZS3CA was also involved with a local security company. The day ended at 14:00.

ZS3CA, ZS3GP, ZS3RW, ZS3TG NO 2 ZS3CA taking arial Photos IMG_6785 IMG_6780 IMG_6779 IMG_6778 IMG_6777 IMG_6776 IMG_6773 IMG_6772 IMG_6771 IMG_6770 IMG_6768 Hamnet NC Hamnet NC 2 Emergency Day ZS3CA, ZS3GP, ZS3RW, ZS3TG